Your customer are out of city or state and you have to provide your customer to service like pay your payment using credit card but you have no way?

Merchants Or small businesses can now ask their amounts with, using request payments. On the contrary, when such request is received at receiver end, he too have a option to pay back against the Invoice, which has been raised by merchant for services or product sold.

All One need to decide how to pay back for the invoice for the services used. swiperupee allows You to select a mode from debit card or credit cards and its done within few minutes.

Swiperupee has a range of options for making and receiving payments whether you’re looking to pay back a friend, or bill a customer. swiperupee Request Money is one way to request a payment. And you can use it via email or SMS.

The service can be handy — but you need to understand the fees involved. If you’re asking for payments for goods or services


Accept your customer's debit or credit card payments.