Pay to Bank

Looking for a quick, convenient way to pay back your regular bills and liabilities, directly into your payees' bank account ?

All you need to pay someone is their Indian bank account number. Don’t forget to make sure they have an Indian bank account so they can receive the money. SwipeRupee allows you to select a recipient from your phone contacts or enter their name and mobile number, making it even easier to make a payment to their bank account. being primarily driven by latest technology, can simplify the process and make it quick and paperless. Furthermore, receiver can accept unlimited amount, so far it's from fair trade practice, in a savings/current account with help of India's most innovative fintech startup like

No Zanzat Fatafat ! Now your credit cards can help anywhere, anyone and anytime.

You can now pay back your business needs like, Office Rent , Office Security Deposit , Office CAM charges, Salaries of your employees, Expenses of your field staff , Real Estate Agent Payment, Office Repairs , Contractors Payment , Machinery and equipment's' charges etc..quickly , safely and hassle-free way in few hours with us.

The best part is you can keep a smooth track and payment goes directly to respective account holders' bank account so you need not to worry for anything, even your monthly expenses, so far your credit card limit allows you to pay.

Follow the standard process of payment via credit cards, using your SwipeRupee account as a registered user.

Don't forget to check the amount and delivery details of receiver once you initiate the transaction. Once you are happy with the process, just click on 'confirm payment'


Register yourself as swiperupee registered user and login. fill in data in terms of name of receiver, mobile number, amount of payment, purpose of payment, Bank Account details with beneficiary name, Account Number and IFSC code. You will have to fix the priority of the payment Confirm your receiver's details and click on 'send payment' once you are done.

Receiver gets notification by SMS on his Mobile number, when you add him as beneficiary. The moment amount is transferred, receiver’s bank confirms receipt of payment via their sms services. Payment will be transferred same day Or within 3 Days in receiver’s bank account as per Priority set by sender.

Be aware ,If wrong details are shared by sender, post payment settlement , refund is not possible as PaidKiya is unable to cancel the transactions done with receivers' bank. Be careful ,please check details of receiver twice, before you transfer the amount.

There are two type of options in Pay to Bank.

New Payee

Fill all details like Beneficiary name, Ac number, select purpose etc…

Existing Payees

you get existing payee list just select and process payment.


Accept your customer's debit or credit card payments.